Gran Fondo is a long distance road bike race for amateur cyclists with or without a license.

These races which come from the Italian expression of "Gare di fondo", meaning “distance race”, are held mostly according to the participants` age and level in the same course but different distances and difficulty levels. Races with different distances are called "Gran Fondo", "Mezzo Fondo" and "Fondo". “Gran Fondo” is used for the course with longest distance.

Gran Fondo cycling races which have become quite popular in Europe for decades, now attract a great deal of attention in other continents, too. AKRA Gran Fondo Antalya, Salcano Gran Fondo Marmaris, Salcano Gran Fondo Cappadocia and Veloturk Gran Fondo Cesme races are among the best known Gran Fondo races in Turkey which bring cyclists together as a sporting event, a cultural experience or social responsibility.

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